The Abstract Class

An abstract class is a class that has at least one abstract method. An abstract method is a method that is declared, but not implemented in the code.The class that inherit this abstract class need to define that method.There must be an abstract keyword that must be returned before this class for it to be an abstract class. Thus, we cannot create objects out of abstract classes. Instead, we need to create child classes that add the code into the bodies of the methods, and use these child classes to create objects. …

Some people think OAuth is a login flow like when you sign into an application with Google Login and some people think of OAuth as a “security thing”, and don’t really know much more than that.

I’m going to show you what OAuth is, explain how it works, and hopefully leave you with a sense of how and where OAuth can benefit your application.

What is OAuth?

OAuth is an open-standard authorization protocol or framework .

More specifically, OAuth is a standard that apps can use to provide client applications with “secure delegated access”. …

Smart developers are always looking ahead for ways to adapt in the ever changing world of web development. As trends emerge, new opportunities will arise. No one could have imagined what the web would look like today 20 years ago, so who knows what the coming decades will hold. Staying on top of the latest web development trends could eventually help you land a job that doesn’t exist yet.

Here is a roundup of web development trends to keep an eye on in 2019

1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) are still part of 2019 hottest web trends. Progressive web apps…

It’s the technology that underpins digital currencies and ensures that all transactions are properly conducted and recorded. But what is stored on the blockchain need not be just a monetary unit — it can be put to all manner of other interesting uses.


Current cloud storage services are centralized — thus you the users must place trust in a single storage provider. “They” control all of your online assets.

On the other hand with the Blockchain, this can become decentralized. For instance, Storj is beta-testing cloud storage using a Blockchain-powered network to improve security and decrease dependency…

Using Stripe , web developers can integrate payment processing into their websites without having to register and maintain a merchant account. Stripe has a seven-day waiting period for initial transactions, during which time it profiles the businesses involved to protect against potential fraud. Stripe then transfers the funds directly into the bank account linked to the payee.The following payment gateway extensions support automatic recurring payments.

Basic Features

Explanation of Features

Subscription Suspension, Cancellation or Reactivation: A store manager or customer can change the status of a subscription directly from your store, i.e., without visiting the payment gateway.

Multiple Subscriptions: A customer can add…

PHP allows us to use dynamic variable. Dynamic variable is variable variables. We can name a variable with the value stored in another variable. That is, one variable contains the name of another variable.


$text = ‘Hello World’;
$dynamicText = “text”;
echo ‘The dynamic ‘.$dynamicText. ‘ is ‘.${$dynamicText};

Output : The dynamic text is Hello World

We can implement it ${$dynamicText} or $$dynamicText .

Here we can associate variable to another variable.We can use it as alternative of associative array and list. The time complexity also less then array and list also.

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